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Fulfilling the Dream: My Pathway to Leadership and Finding Purpose in Serving Others is an honest, eye-opening, and inspiring book about setting aside personal ego and ignoring racial and political bias to bless and benefit others. Wayman Britt's story is a tale of believing in one's dreams, realizing them--and then dedicating his life to helping others imagine and achieve better lives.


In this insightful read, Britt candidly shares his personal account of growing up poor in North Carolina during the Jim Crow era of racial discrimination, and the hard work, determination, and faith in God that propelled him through challenges, disappointments, and setbacks to achieve success in life. The family reluctantly moved north to Flint, Michigan with the hope of greater opportunity. Britt takes readers through his quest to open the American Dream to people long excluded and relates lessons and experiences of competing at the highest levels in athletics, corporate culture, government, and politics that are especially relevant to our own lives and the most sensitive cultural issues of our times.


The compelling account of growing up poor and later finding his life mission as a leader in business and government will inspire the reader to achieve personal success while having a positive impact on others. Being successful and living a passionate life of service sounds counterintuitive--Britt's story proves it is not. His story proves nice guys not only don't have to finish last, but they can also finish first.


This book will benefit several equally important audiences with the common denominator of interest in true accounts of living the Black experience and overcoming obstacles to get the most out of their potential.

Fulfilling the Dream

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    What an inspirational story! You do a great job articulating your story and
    background and the principles and values that have guided you in your various
    roles, challenges, and successes throughout your journey.  The book tackles the delicate issue of race in an honest and principled manner.

    Doug DeVos - Chairman: Amway Corporation

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